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Christians often say that they hate the sin not the sinner. I say that I hate the belief not the believer.

Islandgurl 6 Apr 8

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Xians say a lot of daft stuff like that, though. In the end, whether they admit it or not, many hate anybody who isn't one of them and doesn't parrot their beliefs. Including those who are the wrong kind of Xian.


I'll do you one better: hate the underlying fundamental flaws in human nature, not the inevitably flawed human institutions which arise from them.

(I'm not trying to jerkily blow up your argument. I have this intellectual tic where I look for the conceptual "lowest common denominator" in everything--like trying to construct a kind of philosophical unified field theory.)

!!!you meltin' my brain!!!


That's a nice sentiment.
It's a damned shame the hypocrites won't allow it. They hate the sin AND the sinner, despite
what they say.


If that was only true. The truth is they will be the first to cast a stone at the sinner, and hope they didn't getcaught doing the same thing or something worse.

No, that's not a blanket "truth" and does not apply to all Christians. My family is Christian (except for my sons), my last two boyfriends were Christian, and none of them cast stones at me. Most people whom I meet are Christians--the JWs at the local McD's. Most have no idea that I am not Christian but if it comes up, I tell them that I am not. Most have not cast any stones.


Good one!


That is how I feel. I have Xian friends as well as a few atheists' friends.


That's a good one

Ash22 Level 2 Apr 8, 2018

I think some people need christianity, so I just really try to stay out of it. I don't have any hate for it. There was a time in my life when I thought I wanted to be a christian but I never really got it, so it hasn't done anything to me. I only say that some people need it cause it might be the only way they can be halfway good.


I say something that means the same thing but gets to the thing I actually hate which is faith. I say "I hate faith not the faithful" Faith has been made to be a vertuois thing when it's actually the suspension of reason. It literally suspends the person's ability to question his/her beliefs.

Well said


Idk, those believer types are pretty annoying...

They certainly are.


You know how Christians lie. Persecution is one of their favorite pastimes, that and bingo.

But according to them they are one ones being persecuted

@CGDEvermond They are also incredibly whiney.


I don't care for the word "hate". I don't hate anyone. There are a plethora of things and belief systems that I disagree with. But "hate" is too strong for me. I feel like it puts a black mark on ones soul/heart. 😘🙂💞

You're a better person than I am. A good hatred gets me energized.


I usually agree with that but these days I also hate a few of the believers. Ignorance knows no bounds it seems.

I can handle ignorance. Ignorance can be corrected by education. It's the cognitive dissonance that I can't stand. ?

@Endora Well said!!!


I would agree with that. Who am I to judge what another believes in? We all have to decide what makes sense in this world. I know that what I believe doesn't make a whole lot of sense to them either.

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