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Why you should worry even if you are young and fit.

Fernapple 8 Sep 13

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Two of my 30ish kids had covid tests in the past week or so. Negative results thank goodness, and the one who was actually sick is feeling better. Apparently just sick, not covid. My oldest in mid 30s is expecting. It is very hard not to worry about them.

At this time I would say don't be affraid to nag, remind and pester, better they think that mother is a pain, than they catch that, especially when pregnant.

@Fernapple My oldest, the expectant one, was a microbiology major in college. She is UBER cautious about the covid, she has kept stricter control than the rest of us, she is also mom to the grandson. She has been WFH since the beginning, son does go to daycare. The youngest is a carpenter, and has no control over her work space, no social distancing. She ran the u/i fever and was tested. She is mom to the oldest grandchild. Second daughter started a new job with a school district. She is a IT person, but they have to be in the office when schools are open. One of her coworkers tested positive just after she started. She gets my groceries and fusses at me when I go somewhere in public. She can't shop for fabric I need, and sometimes I need something NOW and Target is less than a mile away. And there are some groceries that I'm picky about.

@HippieChick58 Yes if you know what it is all about (microbiologist ) it tends to make you more careful, maybe it is you who should take instrution from her. I am fortunate in that I work from home anyway, and have taken to getting all my groceries delivered. I have to be super cautious, since I help to look after my nieghbour who is in her late eighties. It is not worth risking your life for groceries, you can always go without, if you can get the basics.


I've been saying stuff similar to this for Months......not looking forward to what happens when schools open, it's going to be Ugly!

They’re open here and so are the bars. The numbers are rising again, but it seems to be more restaurant/ bar related.

@girlwithsmiles yes, because alcohol really enhances restrained behavior......3-4 weeks, we will talk again in 3-4 weeks

@AnneWimsey exactly.

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