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Joe Biden is sworn in as president in January, his attorney general will inherit a mountain of criminal evidence against Trump accumulated by Robert Mueller and a host of inspectors general and congressional oversight committees. After the DOJ’s.

Charliesey 7 Sep 14

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Joe Biden won’t remember his own name by January.


Biden is unlikely to do anything, just like Obama did nothing against bankster. We are too damned good about giving our enemies a hug and a reach around while they are stabbing us in the back.

He will likely leave it to States to jail Trump especially if he pardons himself and everyone who worked in his administration.

But Harris... I don't expect her to be such a pushover.


Not with Moscow Mitch in the senate


We need a Democratic senate to really get things done. Indictments would be nice but remedial legislation is also needed.

Republican Senate? What have they gotten done? We need a Democratic majority in both houses. Republicans are fucked up.

@barjoe So glad you're a more careful reader than I am a poster. I edited it to reflect my original intent.


I hope you're correct. I fear that you're not.

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