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Both parties are mired so deep in corruption that I would not vote for any candidate for either. Both parties are war-for-profit-loving, war criminals, racist, murdering, corporate shills, plutocrats who do not represent the citizenry of this country in any way, shape or form.
If you are a democrat or republican, you are supporting the racist policies of both parties who with impunity send out military abroad to decimate other countries, overthrow elected leaders, bomb and drone them, use depleted uranium and white phosphorous on them. You are supporting also some of the most racist countries on the planet, like Israel, and head-choppers like Saudi Arabia, which is lead by a murder who had direct ties to the murder of a journalist. I don't know about you, but I have a conscience, and I will not support these people who often claim to be against racism, but have you ever noticed how often they are all for bombing people whose skin color does not happen to match theirs? Even though we know that they are chosen, not by you, but by the establishment, when you vote for them, you legitimize them, they can then put forth some form of semblance that they were elected "democratically", when in fact it is anything but that. Stop fooling yourself, when you vote for these criminals, you soil yourself with the same deeds. How long are you going to look away from these deeds, plug your nose, and STILL vote for them?

Archeus_Lore 7 Sep 15

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The U. S. government is not of, by, and for the people, much as they would like you to think it is. In stead it os of, by, and for the billionaire class, which is a very small percentage of the U. S. population....
The D. N. C. , and the R. N. C. are both very corrupt organizations. Which is more corrupt I don’t know, I suspect maybe the R. N. C. is more so , but I could very easily be proven wrong, plus to prove a difference would be splitting hairs.
I typically vote democrat, but I try to vote for the progressive candidates, that’s why I vote democrat because that happens to be where the progressives are at. You sure don’t see them on the republican ticket. And I blame the D. N. C. for Trump being president right now as I think we had a clear favorite in 2016 with Bernie Sanders, and the D. N. C. saw that, but I think they would rather have had Trump in than to have Bernie in because that’s what their big money donors would prefer ( their billionaire donors ) for obvious reasons, as if a real honest progressive were to get in it would not be good for the billionaire class.
So they chose Hillary, who was about the ultimate establishment candidate, and the establishment probably didn’t particularly care which on , Hillary or Trump, because with either one their neo-liberal agenda would do just fine.
And basically the same story applies to 2020 with Biden.
There is talk that .Biden and the D. N. C. have been influenced to some degree by the progressive movement, but I’m not holding my breath, that remains to be seen.
Also, as far as the 2016 election went, and the Russians and wikie leaks hacking the D. N. C. and influencing the election, I think the Russians actually did us a favor by exposing the D. N. C. for what they really are.
Now that doesn’t mean I think we should cut the Russians any slack as I think that Putin and the Russian oligarchs are all part of the same neon-liberal movement that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they actually have their eyes on the world!!
And this whole thing actually started in Ernest back with Reagan back in 1980. It actually started way before that, but started getting real traction with Reagan!!!
Any way, that’s my story, and my opinion. Now I realize that I’m probably of base on some things, but I think I’m probably closer than maybe I think!!!

Most of it sounds quite accurate to me, although, I am not so sure the Russians are the big enemy everyone makes them out to be, after all, how many countries have the Russians invaded, and, how many countries has the US invaded, and, why are there US military bases all around Russia's border, and no Russian bases directly on the borders of the USA? Who really is the aggressor here? Other than that, I would say I agree with what you said.
From Der Spiegel, November 26, 2009 :
NATO's Eastward Expansion: Did the West Break Its Promise to Moscow?
What the US secretary of state said on Feb. 9, 1990 in the magnificent St. Catherine's Hall at the Kremlin is beyond dispute. There would be, in Baker's words, "no extension of NATO's jurisdiction for forces of NATO one inch to the east," provided the Soviets agreed to the NATO membership of a unified Germany. Moscow would think about it, Gorbachev said, but added: "any extension of the zone of NATO is unacceptable."

"And this whole thing actually started in Ernest back with Reagan back in 1980."

I watched it all go down. I dropped out.

@Archeus_Lore I agree with you about 100% . The U. S. needs a bogey man so as to justify their huge war machine.
Plus , our huge war machine is probably so inefficient that if we actually got into a conflict with a half way capable super power, like maybe China, we might just well lose it due to our own inefficiency. As I understand it China has been expanding their military, well if China spends one hundred billion on their military, they probably get one hundred billion worth of stuff, where as if we spend one hundred billion on our military we’re lucky if we get much more than ten billion dollars worth of stuff due to the inefficiency’s built into our military/industrial system, all for the benefit of our billionaire war mongers.
Like put out a bid for some military equipment, and deliberately bid way low so the bid automatically goes into cost overruns, so it automatically goes into a cost plus agreement, or deliberately putting in change orders , etc. etc.


You, @Archeus_Lore, and your purity may help Trump win.

You, and you impurity, may be responsible for the deaths of a whole lot of people living in other countries, by supporting exactly what is described above.

@Archeus_Lore that's a paper tiger. Biden is no murderer. He is sane, rational, as decent a politician as we can hope for, and he’s competent. Trump is none of those things. And if Trump wins he will try to stay in power beyond another term. He has declared as much. He will also get to pick probably several supreme court justices. Fuck anyone who would vote for or sit idly by while others vote for my basic humans rights to be stolen from me.

@FreethoughtKaty Don't waste your time with these dolts. They are useful idiots for the status quo. All bark and no bite!

@FreethoughtKaty Biden voted for the Iraq war, knowing full well that it was a lie. I should not need to say more than that, because the end result was about one million dead Iraqis. Can you imagine one million dead Americans? Well the number IS the same, no matter what country or race it is applied to. I should not need to say any more than that, that is enough to show what Biden IS.

floWteiuQ Idiots who use ad hominem attacks 1. prove they have no real argument to present. 2. Get the boot.

@Archeus_Lore and the alternative is Trump. You won't gaslight me, bro. I’m immune to that ridiculousness. As I said; fuck anyone who’d let me be robbed of my basic human rights. You are indecent, inhumane, selfish and from the looks of it, possibly a narcissist.

What I see in what you said are two things that stand out. 1. Me, me, me all the way . . . you want YOUR human rights, but do not care about the rights of other humans. . . . and 2. No counter-argument. You can't destroy facts, so you resort to childish insults. Kind of like the guy tRump, you claim to despise.

@Archeus_Lore And your rigidity is enough to show us what you are.

I don’t despise trump. He’s educating Americans as no other president ever has — showing us gaps the founders left in the Constitution. We can thank hm AND send him to prison for life.

@floWteiuQ i want to tell the dolts they are useful idiots for the ruling class.

@yvilletom That part of the exchange was meant for the person with the post directly preceeding my post, not at you. My rigidity is with regard to people who commit wholesale slaughter of other human beings, and that includes those who support them. They do not get away with what they do without enablers.

I can see where you could say that, and for that I apologize. But at least in my case, I ain’t help in’ Our fearless orange leader win in that I’m not so dumb as to vote for a third party, or not vote at all. D. N. C. is not representing the working class in this society as is supposed to be their tradition. So we have to try and influence them with in the party, which Bernie and other progressives seem to have managed to do, though be it not nearly enough yet.
I do not miss any voting opportunities, and when I do vote , it’s for progressive candidates when ever I can.


In my thoroughly researched opinion, fuck the government.

Indeed, but unfortunately, the government fucks you.

@RoboGraham That's American style entertainment.

@RoboGraham Thanks for the memories.


In Russia, car drive you.

@RoboGraham I can't find the awesome scooter meme.


Is this the one you searching for?

@RoboGraham Thank you. LOL

We can fuck the government? You used all the lube.


Try living somewhere else. Russian Federation. You'll fit in perfect there.

America, love it or leave it!

You sound just like the right wingers who tell you to leave if you don't like their regressive policies.

@RoboGraham "You sound just like the right wingers"

I wonder why that is.


Probably because he is one.

@RoboGraham BINGO!


So, ironically, he'd probably fit in pretty well in the Russian Federation.

Racists are what they are, and nothing is likely to change that.

As for Russia, Russia is even more democratic than the USA, they use the POPULAR vote to elect leaders, and, they do not use SUPERDELEGATES.

@RoboGraham, @Fred_Snerd

Fred, you are enabling Robo. He needs argumentative relationships and you gave him one.

@yvilletom @Fred_Snerd

Cut it out with the enabling Fred. You are creating a relationship and we all know that's not allowed.

@Archeus_Lore Racists are what they are, and you will do nothing to change them.

@yvilletom You have no idea what I do, so I take what you say as being nothing but empty fluff.

@Archeus_Lore Be nice. Vlad wouldn't like you talking to the nice gentlemen like that.

@barjoe У тебя - в поле ветер, а в жопе дым!

@Archeus_Lore Я могу принять твои оскорбления. Тому 90 лет, так что проявите немного уважения. Я не расист и не преступник. Вы говорите это слишком легко.

"Try living somewhere else. Russian Federation. You'll fit in perfect there." Says the hypocrite.

@Archeus_Lore At least I'm not disrespectful

What you said WAS disrespectful. You are simply in denial . . . .

@Archeus_Lore, @barjoe

Почему мы должны проявлять уважение к заблуждающемуся человеку только потому, что он пожилой?


Nice rant, but you don't get it. Your post begets the very thing you claim to be against. JMHO

That makes no sense.

@RoboGraham how so?


I don't know man, you tell me. How does his post beget what he is against?

It's perfectly clear. Both governing parties are thoroughly corrupted by the wealthy owner class and our armed forces commit atrocities in foreign lands for our corporate interests. He is against that and his post does not beget the thing that he claims to be against.

@RoboGraham By him saying that and you repeating it shows the same thing. You don't like the rules and rather than work to change them, you complain. So I agree with you, but voting for Biden is one small step to change for the better. Is it enough; certainly not. It's better than throwing my hands in the air and saying it all sucks. If you don't participate by voting don't complain. And yes you can speak freely; but you're playing right into the hands of the very murderers and crooks you claim to abhor. Look... the wealthy have two goals with respect to average citizens. One is to get them to hate their fellow voter. The other is to make them drop out, not participate, and convince others it's all a waste. Looks like they succeeded with both you guys. Sad thing is you risk convincing others and we end up with drumpf. Thanks!


First of all, I like the rules. I like them so much, I think the government and the ruling class ought to follow them as well.

The first step is to identify the problem and then complain about it. By complaining, you make others aware of the issue. Too many don't understand the nefarious actions our government is committing around the world. Are we supposed to just sit back and let it be with no comment?

I haven't thrown my hands up. I plan to vote, always do. I've never missed an opportunity to do so. Just because I'm not voting for your corrupt candidate doesn't mean I'm not voting. If your guy wins and makes things even worse, don't complain, because you played a part in putting him in the position to do harm.

By voting republican lite, you play into the hand of the murderers and crooks. The democrats are nearly equally responsible. They continue with the destructive and exploitative wars and policies of the republicans. They follow their lead.

If your goal is to get people to stop dropping out of the process, encourage them to participate. Give them a candidate who represents policies that may actually better their lives. The status quo clearly isn't working for millions so when you run the guy who has assured everyone that nothing will change and promised to take us back, people don't feel motivated to participate. Who wants to go backward when we so desperately need progress and reform? By limiting the options to republican and republican lite, you discourage people from caring because they know it will make little difference and they will have no chance of being represented.

The only way to fix this is to break the duopoly. Both parties are FUBAR. There is no hope if we continue playing their game. We must vote for a party that will represent us rather than the corporate interest and military industrial complex.

@floWteiuQ Well put… Disgruntled purists discouraging others is apparently what these two are about.. From the reaction, or should I say - lack of reaction of others assures me, the sane know better. Thanks for making the (likely wasted) effort to set them straight. A sorry lot 😟


Your humble opinion is that it is better to vote for and support racist murderers than to reject what they are doing, and refuse to play their game. Just because today's society does not point out, or punish those who commit these acts, does not change the fact that these acts are being done, and, you are supporting those who do them. That makes you an accomplice, case closed.



Those who vote for the criminals are complicit in their crimes.

@Archeus_Lore Conratulations... the wealthy have succeeded. Oligarchs be praised they have another useful idiot in you. And with you, they didn't even need the power of Q.

@RoboGraham dittohead you are


When you've got nothing, when you aren't about to refute the assertions I've made, you resort to name calling.

Come on, you got to be able to do better than that. I believe in you.


Michael, you are enabling Robo. He needs an argumentative relationship and you gave him one.



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