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23 and me sent me this update today after I did the test 2 years ago.

All traits listed except the first one are false. I don't mind being "Neanderthal DNA"

Did anyone do the 23andme test? Do you agree with the results? Did any surprise you?

St-Sinner 8 Sep 15

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I've been resisting because I don't trust them with my DNA. Definitely more trustworthy than but I wouldn't doubt they are compromised. I guess I could work out how to do it anonymously?

I don't think they ask for social security number. You should be able to do it anonymously.

@St-Sinner maybe if they took an anonymous crypto currency... But a credit card payment, email, and your home address... as good as your SSN these days.

Maybe you can have someone else pay for you. Maybe they take a money order by mail. There are always ways around if you want to do it. We live in the digital world today and there is no going back. You are already cataloged by Google, Amazon, Facebook, by your mobile and even TV for what you visit, what we watch etc. Our best option is to take the most out of the technology while being careful. You cannot miss the bus. This is the new world. Also DNA is not like your medical and disease history which is very personal.

@St-Sinner its not my disease history but it is a predictor of future disease probability for many issues. Trump Co. will want to allow insurance companies to deny not only existing conditions but possible future conditions.

We are a very very small fish in the pond. They have troves of precious data of corporates that they are after. The fear that you have about individual medical history and predictions will not materialize in our lifetime. Exploit the benefits of technology now, don't stay out of the fear that is not so real now.


Something is wrong in their report. Anyone of Eastern European, or western, I do not quite recall, can carry as much as 5% of Neanderthal DNA. So, if you have less than 2%, you can not reliably have 85 percent more of that than their entire customer base. Unless, they get a huge audience from China, Africa, South America, and so on.


I did 23 & Me and found it probably accurate. My mother was born in the part of North Germany that France and what became Germany fought over and my test showed a small amount of French DNA.

However, three of my grandparents were German (two from Bavaria) and my mother told me I was 1/8 Irish. Her father was my only grandparent with a sense of humor. 23 & Me found the Irish only at a low probability number(whatever that means).


23andme asked a lot of questions before the test tho. I am not sure it they used it to tailor their results to make me feel it is accurate. It also said Thomas Jefferson and I share a large percentage of DNA. I am not aware of anything like happened in our generations. I have a family tree of 8 generations of both sides. It is possibly that somebody goofed up. Must be damn men. Good that none of my ancestors were here. Jefferson owned slaves. Lol


I haven't done a DNA test with 23 and Me... but I did do an DNA test. I'll have to look up the name again. It had to do with geography. My DNA comes from Iceland, Norway, Finland, Syberia, and Mongolia.
Barbaric heathen all the way!

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