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If you had voted this might have been avoided.

Lorajay 8 Sep 15

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People did vote. The majority go to shitty chain restaurants because they’ve fast and easy. Absolutely not the best, but always fast and easy.

I think the point is only some people voted. I sure didn't.

@Lorajay but people did vote.
You need to do better.


Oh I hate Taco Bell, and most chain Mexican restaurants.


Correct. Lol


These are the same kind of self hating people who would cuss out minorities on the 4th and then go out for tacos on the 5th of May .


Restaurants are nasty and exploitative.

All restaurants? People all over the world do enjoy eating in restaurants. Sometimes that's the only option to eat. I'm open minded here. How are restaurants exploitive?

@barjoe " How are restaurants exploitive?"

Have you never worked a kitchen?

@barjoe "Sometimes that's the only option to eat."

I manage to avoid restaurants.

@Fred_Snerd All jobs suck to some degree. What you say is true as far as restaurants exploiting their employees. All businesses do tho. Nothing anybody can do about it. We're all screwed in that regard.

@barjoe "Nothing anybody can do about it. "

Raise a middle finger and start a new egalitarian world with ecovillages and worker coops.

@Fred_Snerd That's for future generations to do. I'm on borrowed time as it is.

@barjoe "That's for future generations to do."

I expected you would sit this one out.

@Fred_Snerd I'll be dead in 10 years. I don't support Marxist ideologies either way.

@barjoe "I'll be dead in 10 years."

Enjoy your "life".

"I don't support Marxist ideologies either way.'

I knew that.


This is what happens when people feel compelled to vote for the safe option because they think their preferred choice has no chance of winning.


In the early 1990s, the Taco Bells in San Francisco did improve their menus. Even I, NOT a gourmet, noted the improvement at the one I frequented.


I love Taco Bell. It's cheap.

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