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This from a University "graduate"?

"Mr Trump, who is seeking re-election, repeated his earlier claim that the virus would disappear on its own because people would "develop... herd mentality", likely referring to "herd immunity" when enough people have developed resistance to a disease to stop its transmission. "

Petter 9 Sep 16

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Education doesn't make one honest.

What education?


I am just going to say Freudian slip, and leave it at that. 😉

He probably thinks that is a pair of knickers from a woman called froyd he once groped.


Complete lack of knowledge/understanding of what "herd immunity" actually is...oh, there's a surprise.....


We all know the Bunker Bitch does not have anything equivalent to a degree in anything from anywhere. He is the biggest disease in America right now, more toxic than Covid and far more dangerous.

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