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Feeling fine with pandemic isolation.

Mooolah 8 Sep 16

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Sure, I’d be number 3. But i still don’t love wearing a mask, or others that don’t get mask wearing.
No guilt about it though 😊


8 People who dislike stupid people. There are way too many of those around.



How about normal people who just don't mind being alone. It may not be typical but that doesn't make it abnormal. Some people like to be alone. Does that necessarily make them antisocial?

Normal is statistical. We are all abnormal in some manner. One does not have to be anti or against social interaction. One can be, just not social.

@Mooolah Or be able to take people or leave them. Sometimes by choice and sometimes by necessity.

@Mooolah @barjoe The term is "asocial" for those of us that are fine without social interaction. I'm not so much an introvert, as I am just okay by myself. I find most social settings exhausting and prefer conserve my energy for more enjoyable things. I had a Psych professor who pounded this into his students. I don't see any of the traits listed as "antisocial" - meaning against society. I have limited need for socialization. πŸ˜‰

@barjoe Wise words. With few "normal" people to model, it takes some folks longer having to learn this on their own. "Fool me once....." Quick learners have fewer "fool me twice"

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