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Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)...

phxbillcee 9 Apr 9

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No idea these CPC were that bad.
I knew they were agaisnt abortion, and the waiting period trick.
Honestly though I thought they would be for helping new mothers, and for prevention.
With little oversite, they can be whatever they want.


As much of an old-fashioned a-hole that I am, I give to Planned Parenthood, & if I won a serious lottery amount one of the first things I'd do is donate to them & make sure it got as much news coverage as I could generate! It's about much more than just abortion rights, it's about women's rights & women's health rights! These twisted xtian activists need to be fought! Ok, rant over (for now!)

@RavenCT & @Blindbird, just wanted to let you see this as it seems you guys were the only ones who caught what I thought was an important episode. Pass the word on this, it should be known.

When I was in college I was in a club that provided peer-to-peer sexual information and pregnancy testing. That nothing has changed since 1988 is just painful.
Those secondary clinics that pulled women in and made them watch faked films etc... still around.
Also in some States you have to leave to get an abortion. That's just not right.
There are times they're medically necessary (think tubal pregnancy) to save the mother's life. (And the embryo wouldn't survive anyway!).
It makes me crazy that it's this backwards - but any man can get a script for Viagra.

Rant.... lol

@RavenCT Tell it, lady! I have a personal, outlook I guess you'd say, in that I wish abortion was not used for strictly "birth-control". That still does not give me the right to choose for anybody else, especially the ones that have to carry & almost certainly raise an unwanted child. Not only the fact that the reasons for an abortion entail so much more than that, many, many different reasons, medical/mental-emotional/financial/etc...

@phxbillcee I'm "For" abortion because the alternative would be women doing it anyway and dying.

And it would be really nice if birth control was discussed.

@RavenCT that actually means that you are for abortion services remaining legal & available. A little different than just being "for" abortion. Not to put words in your mouth, but the distinction is valid. & yes, as mentioned in the above piece, these idiots try & de-rail abortion, but don't support the logical alternative (which is NOT abstinence), birth control, cheap & readily available (& safe!)

@phxbillcee sorry guys but I am for abortion unequivocally. Most women will only get one for very good reasons too numerous to list and those who would use abortion as BC would be awful parents anyway. A fetus is not a baby.

@phxbillcee BTW we also referred women to clinics that would do abortion.
This issue just shouldn't exist anymore. But it does.
And I don't just blame Men - there are Women aplenty who argue for no where to turn to? It baffles me.

@Blindbird I stated my personal wish, not my political/social stance. I agree that most women are faced with tough choices, & it is their choice, but some are just as lazy & irresponsible as any man. I still favor birth control as the better option, but again, I don't decide. I shoot blanks, thank all the gods of Asgard, I would have been a reluctant & probably shitty dad, so I still leave the final choice to the person that has to carry.


Yup I watched this last night.

Why every women in the US isn't enraged IDK.


So much rage.

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