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I'm afraid for America with the buffoon at the helm. What are the people of the US going to do if he stubbornly refuses to give up the white house? What are we able to do? Everyone is concerned about covid, or terrorist groups he encourages but WHAT IF? People booed him at the funeral of RBG and he said he heard "Nothing". He has selective hearing, is dumber than a rock, doesn't know 1 iota of the job or the amendments.
He thinks he can appoint Weasel VP (is that even legal?) who will pardon him for all his sins and STILL WON'T LEAVE the white house. He is 50% of my depression. He needs to get the fuck out! If he stays after losing the election will people gather in the hundreds or a million to combat his stupidity? HOW TO GET HIM OUT?? Seriously. Do you think he'll be escorted out by cops of NYC or IRS? If he gets jail time it'll be a better show than OJ and his car race.

How to get rid of him?

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K9Kohle789 7 Sep 26

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Secret service or FBI


The military will escort him out or arrest him...


Secret service will escort him out only if we vote


My preferred method is a couple of well-placed bullets to the head.

Seal Team 6..? 🙂


I'm with ya!


Exactly what the other commenter says. Trump is going to claim he won the election no matter what, so the best result is such an overwhelming Biden victory that Trump's claim will obviously be crazy talk.


What needs doing is the opposite of what allowed him in there in the first place - We need to vote him - and his Republican enablers out with such overwhelming numbers that his tail instinctively tucks and he scurries off like a kicked dog..

Varn Level 8 Sep 26, 2020

I wish that'd work. but he's gonna claim voting machines and the PO are suspect and not to be trusted. That's scary.

@K9Kohle789 Ever been to DC..? Those folks are serious - and in shape! Even our military has had enough of this prick. He will be drug out if necessary..

@Varn I sincerely hope you're right. I've never in my life hated a president more. He says "I grab em by the pussy" That's NOTHING like a president-he never should have been a contender.

@K9Kohle789 His presence says more about the ‘American’ people than anything could. Not only those as equally fucked up as him … but those not having helped bury him in votes for HRC 4 painful years ago..

@Varn I just wrote another post. People believed PT Barnum when he started throwing around bullshit about Hilary's emails. That put off the millennials to vote for Jill Stein, Bernie or no one. They lost the election for us believing Trump's lies. My nephew was very confused-his first effort at voting he chose Bernie and they fucked us all up.

@K9Kohle789 ...even my dad voted for some ‘third party’ candidate instead of “Either one of them.” I didn’t press him as to ‘who,’ cuz it didn’t make a bit of difference - other than helping hand the presidency to trump.. Mom’s a different story, I’m like her ~

I’d just read your statement about those tossing their votes last time.. Most thought Hillary was going to blow him away. My sister didn’t, but I assured her - ‘don’t worry.’ She & I ..and the rest of our family will be voting for Joe this time ~

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