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How did a largely 'blue' state like Minnesota go ''?
How did unionized miners who have been voting Democrat for generations suddenly decide to support a TRUMP/PENCE ticket for 2020.
The fault may lie with the Democratic leadership in that area. They focused so much on environmental issues that they strangled the mining industry and turned many mining towns into ghost-towns. There may be/is a lesson in this for the Democratic Party [or for that matter any political party]. The people who vote you into power are...well, 'people'...with jobs, homes, bills, mortgages, families, etc. While the environment is undoubtedly a non-negotiable issue (for everyone and for their future generations), the moment you start affecting people's livelihoods, you WILL LOSE VOTES!
So, (in my opinion) what did the Democratic Party do wrong? As they focused on the environment, and as mines started shutting down, they did NOT simultaneously focus on retooling these miners with alternate skills.
They are doing that in West Virginia with such nonprofits as Mined Minds...although, that state has also been slipping towards ''.

Green_Soldier71 7 Sep 28

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It's the same old story. Democrats turn their backs on working people which gives Trump an opening to swoop in and woo them with his false promises.

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