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Hacking Your Mind (PBS)

"We have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric."

  • former Facebook executive

"When we see the world through the lens of our autopilot biases, it is incredibly easy for others to hack our mind."

"The hackers now have a tool [social media] that would make a 20th Century dictator drool."

"Political leaders throughout history have encouraged our fear of others to gain and maintain power."

"157 million Americans received Russian disinformation via social media."

"You Tube calibrated its algorithm so that it recommended increasingly radical content to each of its more than a billion users."

"The retreat by each side into its own social media echo chamber has become one of the greatest threats our democracy has ever faced."


nicestuff 7 Sep 28

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Sadly, true.


Much like subliminal messages. Unfortunately the people who are most suceptable to this hacking are very unlikely to watch PBS documentaries.

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