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House likened to ghost town as anxiety over coronavirus cluster grows


Dyl1983 8 Oct 6

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Funny stuff here: []

Of course it takes a village of idiots to create this Olympic-sized village idiot. So it is comforting to learn that Jared Kushner has identified the problem in this White House. The president’s son-in-law likes to think of himself as the best and brightest of Trump’s bozos, but we can all see him as a classic cross-breed of corrupt and infantile stupidity.

“The most dangerous people around the president are overconfident idiots,” Kushner told Woodward, apparently referring to people like Mattis.

The irony gods have truly bequeathed us a feast of overconfident idiots. We shall celebrate it each year in November, once we think of the right word to define their dangerous mix of overconfidence and idiocy. Because snowflake seems such an innocent way to describe such stupid men.


You can't quarantine stupidity!


Still hoping it kills him.


It is hilarious in a way . . . .

Damn straight!!!


It's a poetic justice that Trump has turned the WH into a COVID breeding ground -- he ignored it and let it happen until it infected him and now he's spreading it all around the very place he lives.

He's such a stupid f--k.

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