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Serious concerns of corruption in MN. []

One video addresses the childcare fraud and directly below that ballot harvesting related. I have a similar relared post under News. Just curious on any thoughts on this? And please note you can still be Democrat and have concerns.

Flowerwall 7 Oct 9

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Project Veritas, like all their other stuff, already debunked.


I have a difficult time with people using Facebook and watching Fox News, it's all part of the same strategy to enslave you, but by all means keep risking your mental health by diving into those cesspools.
Just don't expect me to follow those links into darkness.

They are clips of government proceedings. What are you saying?

@Flowerwall They're on Facebook, I'll NEVER see them if they aren't on a government site because Facebook is a trap. I would have deleted my account back when Cambridge Analytica took ALL our information, but there was no point since they already have my information, but I haven't been back since unless I carelessly click on a link that someone put up and when that happens I immediately leave.
I'm saying that everyone that uses Facebook is being mentally and emotionally manipulated to act against their best interest.
I boycott Facebook.
Every rational person should.

@Willow_Wisp Wisp, focus on the issue. I can go into the whole FB discussio another time. In the first clip there is a gov proceeding about how gov has consistently been unable to prevent mass fraud in MN childcare reimbursement. One article I read it's involving tens of thousands if $$ going back to at least 2016. This clip from 2020 discusses need for anti-kick back legislation related to this. What do you think it means? I'm no legal expert, but common sense dictates someone is massively pilfering government funds in MN. So do you trust everything is copesetic there in terms of government processes?

@Flowerwall You offer water from a poison well to support disturbing conclusions that aren’t supported by facts.
Fuck off!


Ballot Harvesting is a crock of shit.

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