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Why are there so many christians posting on this site? Ya'll aint reportin' them enough!

Desertcactus 6 Oct 9

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Not seeing any.


They must have me blocked - I’m not seein it..

Varn Level 8 Oct 9, 2020

Heres an example

Without more context this really isn't very compelling. This particular member is consistently respectful with his engagements and has never come close to proselytizing. I guess I'm confused as to why you would think people who may be on a fence or two about their belief and wish to discuss it from their perspective aren't welcome here?

@Amzungu actually he’s been quite rude to others on several occasions unnecessarily but his talking points are the same crap religious institutions taught me when I used to be involved. I’m surprised other people aren’t seeing that. I know there’s others in here formerly religious and I joined to escape this crap. I should just delete my account if I have to put up with people like this on here. Have a nice life everyone.

Oh you mean Word, AKA, Fred and several other names. He has been kicked off several times, and just keeps coming back with a new name. Generally he is quite harmless and most members just treat him like the families mad uncle in the attic. Sometimes though he does get a bit rude, and that is when he gets kicked off. Resently he has been homeless and 'themiddleway' started a group to try and help him.

Here you go. []


I haven't seen them. Could you point them out please.

skado Level 9 Oct 9, 2020

If we don't let them in then how will they be exposed to the truth?


Names please... Have you reported them? If they arent preaching, they are allowed here...


Agnosticism is dangerous to all religions but u$A has been involved in a Christian coup since 1980. I think they see the internet as their Ai (look it up in Numbers 31) and they attack in all avenues they think anti-YHWH (Yahweh).

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