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FOX News hosts could take a lesson from Savannah Guthrie and learn how to ask real questions, and stay with it until a honest answer is finally acquired. FOX if they want to learn how to be journalists need to stop throwing puff balls and get in the real ballgame for adults.

t1nick 8 Oct 15

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The FOX folk don’t want to be journalists; they want to be propagandists.

They are succeeding brilliantly

Pretty much word for word what I was doing to write. When you compare TV "journalism" compared to what politicians have to endure in Europe it's pretty laughable. Also no surprise at all Trump will refuse to talk to the BBC. And America is supposedly the country with a free press... What is the point if the actual free press is suppressed and marginalized to the point of obscurity?


I couldn't watch it! He makes me sick, I don't need to subject myself to listening to him. I watched baseball and checked out a bit of Biden. Like Savannah Guthrie she's lovely.

I watched just see how he deflected and how he lied. It was a disgusting display of deflection and pandering.

The fact that you felt sick tells me you are a healthy well adjusted human.

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