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As a group host I can usually deny a post that I find inappropriate. Recently I tried to deny a post and was not able to. Actually it was several posts by the same person. There is no "deny post" option in the drop down. Any idea why this would be?

Wildflower 8 Oct 28

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Are you the host or mod.. I had this same problem as a mod... Can you move to the members profile?

It's my group, I'm the originator. I can go to the member's profile. All the other posts in the group have the option of denying them. It's just really strange.

I've figured it out. The post "is no longer active."


I would love to help, but I'm completely ignorant on this subject. In fact, I don't even know why I'm commenting, except that it establishes my humility to admit that I don't know everything. 😉


sorry i can not help,I am sure someone can

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