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You can’t make this 💩 up.

Trump Spiritual Advisor: “Angels Are Being Dispatched From Africa Right Now” to Help Trump Win

“For angels are being released right now, angels are being dispatched right now,” she declared before she began to speak in tongues.

White then claimed that angels were being dispatched from Africa and South America to help secure Trump’s victory, the same president who referred to African countries, Haiti and El Salvador as “shithole” nations during a White House meeting in 2018.


Apunzelle 7 Nov 5

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This was made up. So yes. It can be made up. Trump is only religious because republicans expect him to be.

dose Trump not speak in Tongues everyday.......??


Oh yes you can make shit up like this.. Trump does it every time he opens his mouth


Naturally it's angels, because angels are invisible so she doesn't have to prove it.
Just like God in fact.

Best Angels EVER. Never been Angels like this before.

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