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Could someone start a website where people can upload 3 to 5 second videos looking directly at the camera saying “Donald Trump: You’re Fired!!” And then edit them together one after another!!!
I don't have the technical expertise.

Rodatheist 7 Nov 5

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I want Omarosa to do this!
That would be poetry in motion.
She represents everything he hates.
He thinks she betrayed him.
He hates women.
He hates African Americans.

I agree...that would be a little poetic justice.


I'd like to see one of Billy Bats from "Goodfellas", saying: "Hey Trump! You're FIRED! Now go home and get your shine box!".


You could do it on TikTok. That would totally piss Trump off and would be just desserts.

You have a beautiful mind!

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