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The downside now Biden has won is we know that statistically every other person you meet has political views that are directly opposite of yours. The funny thing is a recent Fox poll shows most people in their audience want universal healthcare! In the Fox universe!
The same was true about abortion, 71% said Row Versus Wade should be left alone.
They accept climate change!

Everyone has the same problems but keep using team terminology, dog whistles, and code words like “agenda” that has become somehow sinister.
Be careful, there’s a lot of calls to action that are short on information, research and fact check, it’s your best weapon for staying in reality.
Speak real to one another, jargon is rhetorical armor but everyone knows real.
Keep it real.

Willow_Wisp 8 Nov 7

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Far too many people simply give in to the mob mentality. It was predicted that there are a lot of 'shy' voters out there.

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