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Shall we start a pool bet on how long it's going to take Melania to file for divorce?
Throw in Ivanka filing to divorce Jared, too.

KKGator 9 Nov 7

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I want a tragic burning trash train wreck of a public family scene gone horribly wrong to book end the start when a bald eagle πŸ¦… let Trump know what the spirit of America thought of his cowardly useless ass.
I really like that eagle.


Truth or not, this made me LOL! (And it's not just on one or two sites, it's ALL over, even mainstream. LOL)

Malania Trump counting down the minutes until she divorces Trump

I wonder what the prenup says. I hope she gets something as the IRS will be actually auditing him and his criminal activities will get him jail time. If he gets pardoned, it will only be for federal crimes, there is still the state of New York, California, and more along with the World Court, if he leaves the Country.


I don't think that anyone will offer attractive odds on that bet. My guess is that if he is jailed it will not be long after his imprisonment until she files for divorce.


Yeah she's going to stick him and fleece him before the prosecutors line up as well as his creditors. I read somewhere that after he won the 2016 election and before becoming president she negotiated a written financial deal to play the First Lady role next to him. I'd bet she's calling that in soon.


Not long


I am willing to bet Malaria already has the papers ready to be be delivered before he leaves office...reason being he is going to have his assets frozen by the courts because of all the Lawsuits he will have against him...its going to be a race to the CourthouseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


She ain’t going anywhere . She will put him in the grave b4 she gets a divorce , she did the math long ago , aint gonna be that long of a wait . Her son is the ticket to security as well , And she will stay exactly where she is w a huge smile on her face too .
Husband will be medicated and let lose to hang him self to the very near future . Between whores and money and bad interactions w law , he ll be busy . She will be filling her nails and wait . Ding dong ding dong , the funeral bells will ring , and the Smiling widow will get her $$$ and her freedom to leach on the next small dick .

I couldn't have said it better

Well, when you put it that way...


Brilliant observation. Sounds right.
Although I am fiscally nothing like a tRump, A few years ago a gal at the YMCA (the YMCA was once my gym, although open and usually fully, I no longer going there with the pandemic) noted my single status (and fiscally well off topics (discussing projectors and sound for home theater (with a very large theater room) with a fellow hi-fi fan). She wanted me to meet her younger friend. Believing this tRump type relationship was a probable motivation for outcome, I never got back to her.

Interesting possibility but I still think she could lose it all if she doesn't stake her claim now. The Donald is in WAY over his head with all the loans coming due...his days of being a Politician are over and he won't have that money machine anymore...he has hung himself permanently with the way he has been such a PETULANT CHILD about not winning a Second Term...he is going to lose a huge portion of his base ...he is FINISHED...he is a COWARD and that is so clear to people now...he has shamed himself in front of the ENTIRE PLANET and has shown his true colors for all to see and people are NOT going to forget this...JMHO...Namaste

No he is broke, she would be much better off grabbing a share, before all the other debt owners strip him of everything.

@Fernapple Don’t believe that he’s’s in overseas banks. There is chatter that he will set up his own TV station & Media empire to match Murdoch and Fox. He’ll use this as a platform to address his 70 million voters and keep stirring things up with fake news. He wants Ivanka to be the first woman President and may try to float this idea for 2024.

@Marionville Maybe its because of her, that he has hidden it in overseas banks.

@Fernapple With Trump anything is possible, but I’m sure his deviousness is in his genes, inherited from Trumpf senior!

@Fernapple I don't think he is smart enough to think that far ahead...

@Fernapple, @Marionville I'm hoping the Lawyers manage to freeze his assets and start draining him...this shitstain needs to be stripped of his power or we will pay a horrible price down the road. I mean can you even imagine a country run by that moron daughter of his?.. Scary...

@phoenixone1 Scary is an understatement!

@phoenixone1 My, "he is broke," information did come from the fairly credible source of Sky News. Who said that his assets did not equal his debts, and that a lot of debtors would real him in as soon as he was out of the White House. Also adding that he is considered a, flight risk, in some legal quarters, in part because of the debts.

They may have charges on her too

@Fernapple one thing is certain...this is going to be the biggest shitshow this country has ever seen.

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