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Social media posts are NOT "evidence" of anything.

Put up, or shut up.

Thank you for your kind attention.

KKGator 9 Nov 9

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I shall respond in the only scathing form your comment permits, meme!


Blows a raspberry in KKGator's direction.

Eats a raspberry.

Drinks a raspberry liqueur.

Ducks while KKGator throws a punnet of raspberries at my head.


I find it to be the best way to organize my thoughts and perfect my prose. It’s like leaving little bits of digital mind DNA, the more I write the more likely a thought of mine laboriously typed on an iPhone with carpel tunnel might live on when read in the future.


I disagree. Here's evidence of a potato.

Can't fool me.
That shit's photoshopped.




Too often they are simply proof of how gullible people are.

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