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Trump eyes digital media empire to take on Fox News


FearlessFly 9 Nov 12

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Anyone who lends him as much as a dollar is as delusional as he is!

The scary thing is, that there are 72 MILLION of them out there!


It would go the way of Trumpy Wine,Trumpy Steaks, Trumpy University, or the Trumpy Casinos.


So that's why the big dummy tweeted today five times in a row railing against Fox news.
He also tweeted last night that he was going to win.🀣


Fox News may have prematurity called Arizona, but they are ultimately going to be right. Biden will win Arizona. Trump is doing this all for money. This was his plan for 2016 after the election. He didn't think he was going to win that. He had planned on starting a Trump news outlet. Now that he's gotten the taste of power of course he doesn't want to let go. This "plan.B" was his original plan region 4 years ago.

Trump will stop claiming he won the election when the taxpayers buy him what he wants. I am of course projecting.

@yvilletom He can claim until they put him in the ground if he likes, provided he vacates the office 1/20/21

@barjoe Will he vacate the office 1/20/21?

If he doesn’t, who will apply the required force?

@yvilletom It sounds like you don't think he will.


Another stupid move from the king of stupid moves.


. . . another bankruptcy in the making ?

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