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Can anybody inform me as to why posts to the "Conservative Atheists" group never appear on the main "open forum" page? This is a pet peeve of mine.

I have asked this question in a couple other locations, and have as yet not received an answer.

PBuck0145 7 Nov 13

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The creators of a page, get to decide where the content appears, to a degree.

I asked the originator of the page, @SpikeTalon, and this was his response:
@PBuck0145 Not sure, the posts don't show up on my end either. They do for me though on SLUG.

@PBuck0145 I think that the way posts are spread though the site may have changed, in the last week or two. My group Natural History, did seem to have a fairly good profile, and got quite a bit of use then suddenly a few weeks ago, it just sort of disappeared into Limbo, without anything within the group changing.


Recently I see posts to that group appearing in []

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