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I am in a small, local discussion group (mostly family) and, if I might, I would like to share your responses to the following question with them.

Question: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” That is, even if something has always existed, why was there not eternal, universal nonexistence instead?

Thanks for any and all participation.

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Wallace 7 Nov 14

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If there is no reason, existence is an awful lot of work for nothing. But if there is a reason, there must be something having the reason. So why is there that something instead of nothing? And why is that something's reason there instead of nothing, and that something's reason and that something's reason... Sometimes one needs to 42 such things and come back to them later.

MrDMC Level 7 Nov 22, 2020

sensors. If we had no senses to detect things there would be "nothing" from our perspective.


There may have originally been eternal, universal nonexistence before energy changed that. Energy such as lightening has shown in labs to change non life to life. The right combinations at the right time etc has potential. Even the universal nonexistence has ability to accept change. That's all I got.


I simply cannot imagine 'nothing,' but it's a damn good question.
Some would say 'god' IS creation.
As an 'agnostic neo-deist,' all I can say is, 'We might find out some day, but for now, it's a mystery."
But since you asked, we all know energy/mass cannot be created nor destroyed, so as far as we know, the universe has ALWAYS been here, always changing shape, expanding, contracting, like a lung, beating like a heart.
And will always be here.
Similarly, WE will always be here, in one form or another, for eternity.
Just a thought.


. . . a very good read :



I would go with both three and four. You can also ask the reverse question. Is nothing possible ?

YEs; and if nothing is impossible, then something is necessary--which is what some theists say about God; that is, they say that God is a being that cannot not-exist. This explains why it exists, and its creative activity explains why everything else exists....

@Wallace Yes, except that of course. There is a big gulf, massive and almost impossible to cross, between a, something existing, and a thinking planning god, and then a second one between a thinking god and a creating one.

@Fernapple I fully agree!


I would say "space" the thing of volume AND distance that is "nothing " other than what could be give relative measurement or considered infinite in every direction.

Space, I would not consider as being something that could be created or destroyed. I would consider that EVEN if there were not points in space to give for any measurements, the space of infinity in every direction would still exist, has always existed an DC will always exist.

Space is not a thing, it is nothing that th iij NHS are in and can be given quantitative measures between points at different locations in space.

Space, the thing that is not a thing, yet it exist. The existence of non-existance.

Word Level 7 Nov 14, 2020

I don’t know.

skado Level 9 Nov 14, 2020

You beat me to the double points (for first comment)with "I don't know "". Just saying.

Please accept my apologies. All things considered, I thought it was a substantive answer. 🙂

@skado I was just trying to be funny really.

That’s how I took it. 🙂

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