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Is trump our Henry the VIII. But instead of beheadings we get firings. And along with multiple wives we get porn stars and escorts. Does this means trump will go out the same way as Henry? Insane and syphilitic? Lol

t1nick 8 Nov 14

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wow what a comparisson


If Bannon gets his way there will be beheadings.


It would seem that he may have a very similar path, especially an unexpected lucky rise, (Henry was second born and never was to be king.) and a very bad end, with a shambolic legacy. But Henry is thought to have died of sepsis, possibly made worse by obesity and scurvy, that he had syphilis is mainly just an urban myth.

I heard an archaeological podcast last evening that talked about new evidence related to Henry III. In his younger adulthood, he was very active in jousting and similar activities. It appears that at one of these events he was unseated from the saddle and his horse in turn fell on top of him.

It is speculated that he sustained a severe concussion and was unconscious for an extended period. His wife at the time (Ann Bolynn if I remember correctly from the program) was so distressed that she miscarried their child. It was the son Henry wanted (their second child together - first was a daughter). She was beheaded a year later.

The podcast report attributed his susceptibility to severe headaches in his later life to this incident.

@t1nick Yes it is also said that his sepsis, came from a wood splinter, which got into his leg while jousting, and which festered away over many years.


He has been insane for decades. I hope he gets the SS14 strain of syphilis.


“Does this mean Trump will go out the same way as Henry? Insane and syphilitic?”

Sure. Why wouldn't Trump go out the same as he came in? 😁

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