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I wondered if one of my favorite writers, James Joyce, was an atheist and soon came the conclusion that he was indeed an atheist. When you consider his background and upbringing that is a very considerable feat.

I came across the following quotation: “There is no heresy or no philosophy which is so abhorrent the church as a human being.” "James Joyce Irish novelist.


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This is something I never wondered about really.

I thought about and then continued to wonder how many more of the authors that I have read were atheists or agnostics but never publicly delcared their position on the matter. I think that is the case with regard to James Joyce for there is evidence of it in his writings, in particular, his poetry. He was not openly atheist and I suspect that very few writers of that era would have been with the exception of Bertrand Russell.


Why would anyone give a crap if one's favorite anything is whatever?


I have no idea one way or another. But when you google that question, many entries come up suggesting that he "came back" to the church. In a way I sort of do not care as I never could connect with his type of writing anyway. There have been many authors in history. A lot of the famous ones, I have never cared for, but have found myself enjoying a number of the much less well known authors.


Joyce most definitely had no love for the institution of Catholicism. My last three grad school credits were writing quizzes for undergrads on Ulysses.


When I visited Pula, Croatia, I took this picture of this statue of James Joyce at a restaurant there.

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