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Blaming us now....


Lilac-JadeCanada 9 Nov 18

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If you listen to this, it explains why he's suing everybody. He's gotten away with $billions of debt by suing and it worked, now thinks they're going to get fed up and award him second term presidency if he sues in very state with "baseless voter fraud" 😂😂😂...but it doesn't work that way when it comes to the nomination of presidency of any country.

All I can say is that the many that voted for him also got away with human and hate crimes for soooo long. Listen to their reasons for voting for him.


Fake news Canada is wrong to pretend BidenS has over 270 Electors just as fake news Canada pretended PRESIDENT Gore was not deposed by the Jeb Bush crime families 20 years ago


Don't count Cleveland twice because TrumpOLINI is vowing to run a 3rd time if is victory is stolen from him December 14th the OFFICIAL DAY ELECTORs vote in 50 state capitols + 3 in WDC


Don't feel blamed when TrumpOLINI is praising Canada ..... the recounts are finding many thousands of uncounted ignored or hidden TrumPENCE votes.......Philadelphia prevoted pre-printed "mailed" ballots nearly 100 thousand of such illegal votes with only presidential candidates selected 100% of such illegal ballots voted BIDENs crime families but no other choice down the long list of local candidates.... this vile 44th PRESIDENT must not be removed illegally.... to do so only worsens fascist Amerikkkan defacto theocracy


Canada is rather blah.

FYI, I much rather Canada than the U.S. any day.


Do you think he actually looked this up? He probably saw it on Twitter or probably Parler for that matter.

He doesn't look anything up.

@Lilac-JadeCanada He looks up Vladimir Putin's ass.

@barjoe I thought he was nosing that, not looking at it.


I hate to say But I told you so, tRumpy has spat the dummy, shit his nappy and is using EVERY dirty, filthy tactic he can get his grimy hands on to stay put.
He IS, imo, the TYPICAL Bully and ALWAYS has been since childhood, can't take NO for an answer, is ALWAYS right and everyone else MUST be wrong, can't accept defeat even when it is INEVITABLE, lies through his teeth, uses litigation as a tool to further HIS own ends, etc, etc.
U.S. A., for 4 years YOU picked the tune, now YOU have to pay the Piper as the old adage goes.

Since I'm Canadian, I had nothing to do with getting him into office.

@Lilac-JadeCanada It's okay I already new that.

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