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It's funny how little I think about there not being a God. Theists seem to think about God non stop and that must be exhausting for them...

VonTappe 3 Apr 11

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I find this myself I'm 70 have had a nice life without ever having a god in it and dotn need to mention that to anyone ,unless they ask - I find its the least important thing about me - almost like not liking butter - I would like people to see me without looking though the spyglass of my unbelief and just see my person. I don't mind if they decide to dislike me for who I am - I just don't particularly want to be seen through the distorted mirage of some believed, unbelief It sometimes seems to me a that a contortion exists that turns a nothing into a something.

No - Its ,not that important my unbelief is of no importance to me whatsoever . Whats is important is how I daily live my life.

You don't like butter? The horror! ?


Lol. Some atheists seem obsessed too.

Yes, our side can be annoying as well. I'm just trying to live ?

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