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Here's a "Covid Quarantine" idea (wine generated to be sure) to occupy some of my time. I'm confident folks here are familiar with Leggos. I've stepped on countless ones barefoot in the wee hours of the morning. The only thing more enjoyable is trodding barefoot on cat puke in the dark while half asleep. 🙄
So! What would you (parents & especially Grandparents) think of wooden "Leggo-like" building blocks made of natural finished woods. But really large. Take a classic leggo block; [pictured], and expand the dimensions to about 3.5" for the width. I've a 3 year old grandson and another grandson on the way.

bigpawbullets 9 Nov 21

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Me & my brothers' favorite toy for years was a set of sturdy cardboard boxes printed with a brick pattern, about the size of a shoebox, each, that we built walls out of, jumped of off, hurtled at each other, pretty much every day.

Forgotten about "weaponizing" toys.
And boys will be boys. Thanks for reminding me Anne! Maybe rounding the edges.....


I have always loved Legos and had large size also. Loved them!! So is something like these what you’re wanting? []

Wow! Very cool! I'd no idea these were available.
Thanks so much for posting. My idea is to make these out of different types of wood and finish naturally.

Cool idea indeed! I think wood is most beautiful when left in its natural state. I am curious as to how you would craft the blocks?? I tinker a bit, but would be scared to try to make something that needs to be so precise.


Made from solid blocks of wood.
Duplicate the "peg" placement on the top, and then corresponding holes on the bottom of each type of block.
Pegs would be cut from standard size dowel rods and glued into the blocks.
I'll start by making a prototype of the 4x4x8 and one of the 4x4x4. After confirming that these indeed work. I'll make a jig to do the following:

  1. check all dimensions of each type of block.
  2. assure all holes are drilled in proper locations.
    Jig to be attached to my drill press.
    I'll then cut to size stock for blocks.
    Then cut block lengths
    Then run through my planer to clean up surfaces.
    Next.. drill all holes (bottom holes slightly larger than dowel diameter.
    Cut dowel pins.
    Glue pins into top of blocks.
    Finish with clear polyurethane.

Thats my first thought on construction.
As with anything.... modifications will happen.

Well now that doesn’t sound so complicated at all. Thanks for sharing! If you take on the project I would enjoy seeing pics.

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