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Ladies, you're meeting for the first time on a blind date. There's been no discussion between you of what to wear to the meeting. Which would make you MORE UNCOMFORTABLE as compared to your date, being overdressed or underdressed?

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lerlo 8 Nov 22

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Since I usually prefer meeting someone outdoors for a wall/hike/ whatever, I'd be comfy and appropriate - so neither.

perfect answer


My mama taught me it's always better to be underdressed than overdressed. She also said being comfortable with yourself makes you perfectly dressed for the occasion. I think that works for a man as well.

I don't think the uniform is as important as the cleanliness of it. The world has become much more casual when it comes to dressing. At least that's what's happened in my world so I guess I would vote for underdressed but clean.


Underdress? Overdress?
First of all, for decency's sake, have some respect for yourself and for your date. Tidy up for a blind date!
Second, I guess the venue you pick for the date might give you a clue about how to dress up.
Third, don't try to offer what you don't have, be yourself.

Thanks Lady


I’m normally a bit overdressed so being under would make me very uncomfortable

@Steven_Maxwell what????


"You and old men are the only people in Wenatchee who polish their shoes," Marsha teased. I am chronically overdressed for this rural town. Never wear jeans. Tennis shoes are for running only. I don't own sweats. Not my style.

"I'm glad you wore that dress," John said. To my delight, he took me to The Triple Door jazz venue in Seattle after dinner. (See photo.)

On one first date, the guy showed up late, covered in dirt and leaves. "I was pruning trees and bushes," he said. His filthy, torn jacket stank of old sweat.

I felt appalled by his lack of respect and basic hygiene.

Did I feel bad for being overdressed i.e. cleaner? Absolutely not.

Love your dress ,reminds me of the 60,s ,love the vibrant mixed colours, First date usually dress casual ,but that also depends where we are going or doing and whether it is summer or winter ,but it is nice to look neat and sharp and well groomed,,you only get a first impression once


Thank you, Roy. On first meets, I dress nicely to honor the occasion and make a good first impression.

John and I did a day hike as a first meet. We are both hikers.

"Turn around and don't peek," I said when we got to our cars. I quickly shucked my shorts and T-shirt, and pulled a summer dress over my head. Slipped on sandals. Brushed hair and put on lipstick. TA DA!

John was amazed. I knew where we could get ice cream. Off we went.

Purpose of the poll, since I have to guess what to wear, is to figure out whether I should underdress to make her feel better if she overdresses or overdress and fear making her feel bad.


Wear business casual. Khaki pants, nice shirt with a collar and no tie. Pay attention to grooming.

@LiterateHikerThe question is when would you feel most uncomfortable so apparently you'd feel more uncomfortable if you were underdressed


I NEVER feel uncomfortable for being overdressed.

I don't care if a man is overdressed or underdressed. I want to get to know him, not judge him based on his clothes.

However, if a man shows up unwashed and looking like a slob, I recoil.

"Take off your baseball cap," I said to a man before we entered a classy restaurant.

@LiterateHiker Love it,your always thinking way ahead ,with different scenarios lol good for you

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