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My friend on Facebook posted..
Those who keep saying “Money Can’t Buy Everything” don’t have enough money.

And I argued:

"It's very easy to disprove. Can a billionaire buy you with money? Yes or No? Can he buy to be the most empathetic person, can he buy to be the best scientist? I can go on and on what he can not buy. But it's true that he can buy lots of things that most people can't. But even if, what is it that most people want.. big house, big salary, luxary cars, jewelery, ability to travel, power and influence. I can give you hundreds of examples of enthusiastic people who are not rich, who are doing these way better than Donald Trump or some other boring billionaires. Just watch Instagram and YouTube mindfully, how beautifully people can live with less. Money can't buy creativity, peace in mind; it can just help towards that path. It's just a vehicle for comfort and survival but it itself is not the comfort and happiness. But look.. this kind of mentality that money is everything.. imprison the free mind and make your mind and then life a living hell. Do u really not think you can just leave every fucking luxary and go to a jungle and live peacefully eating fruits? I am telling you I can totally see myself doing that if that's whats gonna give me happiness and peace. I'm not a prisoner of the society and the world where money is required. LoL. Money is just a peace of paper. It's the idea and perception of living that's important. Peace!! Haha. 😉"

What do you think and say? I would like to hear.

AnandaKhan 6 Apr 12

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I just posted on another thread that money does matter. Having lived in poverty a couple of time in my life, I would much rather have money than not have it. Tell homeless people that money is just a piece of paper. Tell people who have had homes foreclosed that money is unimportant.

And a billionaire does not have to be the "best scientist": he/she can pay the best scientists.

Well, I am not disagreeing with you. But you are missing the point. Money can't buy everything is what's mentioned. You require decent amount of money to live, but do you require a lot to live? And if you cross across the world, you will see a lot of people living happy life with very less money. The most important thing is to understand your desire and realize the importance of living well beyond living rich.

@AnandaKhan No, I did not miss the point--but the post implies aspects about rich and poor that do not hold up., i.e. that money is just a piece of paper. And though money cannot buy creativity, neither does being poor make a person creative: it is moot argument. And if you think that money imprisons the mind and makes life a living hell, you are making a judgment that cannot be possibly be made about rich people--or even middle class people. And explain how money imprisons the mind and makes life a living hell to my (now deceased) grandma. She is the one in the back, to the left. She was about 32 in this picture.

@Gwendolyn2018 Okay, I will agree that it's probably be my overstatement that Money is just a piece of paper. What money can bring to life can not be reduced down to merely that. But I think money can imprison the mind, it can blind the mind of many sometimes for very unnecessary reasons, now I am not saying that money does that to everyone. The perceived power of money in our society is what I want to devaluate, because I think there are better way of living life than just chasing after money, again definitely you need to struggle to meet your basic needs. I understand a great amount of people who live in conditions that is not easy to change. I myself am from Bangladesh and I know what poverty is and how money can affect or change. Again the main question here is "Can money buy everything?" No, it can not. It can't even buy happiness for all. Well, yeah, if I give a homeless person few thousand dollars now, he will be happy at this moment, but I am not saying in that way. Happiness is a mental state which can't always be achieved just by meeting your basic needs. And I again agree I could have taken more time to perfect my sentences in the post, and some parts may be weak as I didn't explain what I meant. It was just a Facebook comment that I quickly posted here.

@AnandaKhan An addiction to anything can imprison the mind--and the body. I used to weigh 250 pounds: I was imprisoned by my weight. When money is the single most important pursuit in life, it can be a negative, but food, drugs, sex, even exercise can dominate a person's life. I have never been rich, but I have been poor and I have been/am now middle class. One of my main goals in life at my age is to make sure that I am financially comfortable during retirement. I work more than I would prefer to achieve that goal, but life can be balanced by the need/desire to have money and other interests and pursuits.


@AnandaKhan By the way, even religious writings contain truth, and the Christian Scriptures state that "the love of money is the root of all evil" (1 Tim 6:10). This has sometimes been misquoted as "money is the root of all evil." Money is a tool.

@Gwendolyn2018 Peace. 🙂


Money is power, money and power get you everything.

Not everything as I mentioned. It's a delusion that gives you pain and prevents you from enjoying your life with the little you have.

@AnandaKhan I work with/for millionaires, trust me, their lives are significantly better.

If everyone saw how the 1% lived there would be riots.

@WileEQuixote you can only talk about your life. Whether a person is truly happy or not only he knows, no one else. I don't think Donald Trump is a happy person in general, even though he is probably one of the most powerful persons in the world. Now you can give me lots of evidence that shows his happiness. But then as I said, what people show to you is not what they are inside. May be you can verify that from your own human condition. Words and languages are just a means of communication with other human being, and they don't encompass all our experiences and emotions and states. What you are talking about is the illusion of happiness. Well, if life is an illusion, then happiness itself can be. But they are in different level of illusion.

Wealth gets you the best of everything from life-saving medical care to the safest neighborhoods and cars, to the best schools, private islands, private access to the finest restaurants and events, etc.

This isn’t an illusion. It’s fact.

You may not like it, but it cannot be waved away as a conceit of language, and especially in matters of health it’s literally affecting how people live.

Or die.

@WileEQuixote I agree. But with those, who don't have money, definitely can solve the issues by having money. I agree. Those who have money have also genuine problems, to the point, some decide to suicide like Robin Williams or Chester Bennington. And both of these groups have problems which has nothing to do with money, but they connect it with the money. The ones with less money sometimes just can't realize that probably lots of things they think they need are truly not necessary. So, I agree with you and I disagree with you.


Its all relative... In the meantime, can you wire me all of your money???? ?

And then can you be my slave? LoL. Kidding..

Well.... How much are we talking about????? ?????????

@IamNobody Haha.


There's rich and enriched. you couldn't buy my dogs for any money. I've seen happy hippies living in tents and rich people who hang themselves.

Yes, I can see that. I studied with a guy who kept drink driving and writing off his cars, his parents would just buy another luxury one for him, personalised plates and all. It's a weird world.

very weird


Money may not be able to buy happiness but we know for a fact that poverty breeds misery.

I agree.


It seems to me that once you have your basic needs met the main trick is to practice gratitude. If you don't appeciate what you have you're always looking for the next model, something bigger and better. You always spend all of your income and are not necessarily feeling like you're acheiving anything.



Money can't buy happiness, but it can diminish the stress of the cost of health care, or college for your kids. I have never heard anyone with money complain about their money or offer to give it to me.


I don't have a lot of money, but I have enough to be comfortable, and I am. I've figued out how to use what I have, and I travel the world! So what I see, folks that act like Scrooge McDuck, hoarding money, and paying to bend the laws to hoard even more money. Why do you need more than you need to enjoy life? I guess you could be like tRump, and grab 'em by the.... Plenty of women like Melanoma looking for a sugar daddy, and I don't think she's a happy woman.

I see it this way, once you have enough to be comfortable, more that you can't spend in several lifetimes, why do you need more?

I know two people. founders of Qualcomm, they realized they had all they needed, quit, left the strife behind and enjoy life, one plays with airplanes, even owns his own airport. He's not hoarding money, he's spending it, and a lot in his local community, and he is a very happy man. While I don't know the the other is doing, she made the statement she had all she would ever need, and was out about about age 40.

Me, I travel, from the base I established in Australia. I only do tours if it is to a country when I want to gather infomation before striking off on my own. Next year is a railway tour in South Africa, but I see so much strife there I doubt I would consider taveling there on my own, but I'll know if that is an option. The following year I may travel to Russia, if Trump hasn't stated a war, hot or cold!

So on my Social Security, a very small pension, and small income from the sale of a business I live a very good life, do I need millions to be happy, about the only difference that would make is flying First Class rather than the upgraded seats I get for free, having flown over a million miles on United, or paying a small amount for the enhanced legroom seats on other airlines. And who needs grossly overpriced corporate hotels? And so on...

What's missing from the equation, a travel partner, and when I mentioned that would be nice, LoreleiLeigh took objection with a lot of name calling! Still trying to process that one!


I am far from wealthy, I have never been wealthy. Yet at times I have had surplus money in my bank account. Sure, it could have been gone in minutes if I just spent recklessly. But there was nothing I needed/wanted to buy. For many, if not most people, there is no, "too much" what ever they have will never be enough.


If the wealthy were never depressed or lonely or suicidal in their despair, One might think that the "money can buy happiness" argument had some clout.


Money might not solve all problems but it definitely would solve most of mine


I never had great wealth. The most that I could ever be called is a thousandaire. I've dreamt about what it would be like to be wealthy, but the older I got, the more I realized that great wealth was more of a burdon than a blessing. Who wants to be burdoned?

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