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@Admin Barnie2years sent me a messages asking if he was blocked from my posts as the system would not let him respond. I have never blacked anybody. However, since I am legally blind there is the off and very doubtful chance I may have done so by accident. Is there a way to check if anyone is blocked, and if so unblock them?

In any case, as I have not (knowingly) blocked anyone, there may be a bug in the system, and thought you should be aware. Also I thought iut might be nice for users to be able to view who they blocked, and if that is not a part of the system perhaps it should be, so it can also easily be undone. Perhaps and option to just block a person for a day, a week, a month or permanently?

snytiger6 9 Dec 31

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when you block someone it prompts you to select how long. try it just for fun. you can undo it just as easy.


Multiple times I have advocated that all profiles have both "who I have blocked" and "who has blocked me" lists. 😮

i thought a list of those blocked was available.

yeah..its buried....edit profile, acct, blocked tab

@hankster Since I have never blocked anyone, I have never seen it. 🙂

I would like them (both) to be transparent for all to see.

@FearlessFly i guess when admin thinks everybody's business is your business he'll make it so.

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