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'How Did We Get Here?' A Call For An Evangelical Reckoning On Trump


Ed Stetzer laments that evangelicals seem to have changed their view of morality in order to support Trump.

"So I think we just need to be honest. A big part of this evangelical reckoning is a lot of people sold out their beliefs.”

Finally someone from inside says it!

Apunzelle 7 Jan 13

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It is in their nature:

"Religion is not a matter of God, church, holy cause, etc. These are but accessories. The source of religious preoccupation is in the self, or rather the rejection of the self. Dedication in the obverse side of self-rejection. Man alone is a religious animal because, as Montaigne points out, it is a malady confined to man, and not seen in any other creature, to hate and despise ourselves." - Eric Hoffer (Author of the True Believer)


What Evangelicals have finally proven is that they have no morality.


They've seemed to replace Jesus with Donald Trump or at least turned him into a prophet, like Mohammed. Christianity is contrived anyway and they know it, so they change it to suit their alt-right agenda.

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