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To my fellow rural Atheists/Agnostics. Are you out as a non believer where you live and if so, how are you treated by the other farmers/ranchers in the area?

misstuffy 7 Apr 13

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I live/work in a small rural town. I am still in the closet and will stay there if I value my job.

Yep, I get that percectly. I work for a Church Deacon who exalts in his status within the Church and thus community but he is also the biggest tax cheat in the county! He thinks anyone that does not believe in God is stupid. He thinks I am brilliant, if only he knew my true disbelief! I am afraid I would have no job if I revealed myself but now my health makes it a mute point anyway.


I am luck many of my immediate farming neighbours are immigrants from europe and quite rational. Many of the others are lapsed Anglicans or United Church goers they are not much of a problem either, they tend to except poeple as people not by their faith. However, if I go further a field I start to run into the Baptists, Evangelical and the Nazerines where I am labled as that godless socialist under their breathes. Not much is said to my face though for even at 62 my 6 foot 5inch stature is intimidating.

Im 5'1 and live in the midst of those Baptists, the fundamentalist types. You can understand why I don't reveal my disbelief.

@misstuffy I totally understand it, you are also female and working in an industry that they see as the domain of men.

@HeathenFarmer I am, a middle aged single female in a mans world. To make it more interesting the last several buyers of my farm ALL lost the place back to the seller and he thought that would happen here as well. It didnt. The place has been paid off for years now.

@misstuffy It doesn't surprise me I know a lot of successful female farmers that I work with in the NFU, including our current National president.


Interesting that you all live in tolerant areas, I can assure you that is not the case where I live. Wish it was,


There are only 400 people in this little town 2 of us are nonbelievers. I have no idea who the other one is, just about everyone knows I am one of the nonbelievers because I never hide it.

Compared to my little town you're living in the big city! We have a whole 269 persons here...🙂


I don't have any problems with the different people around me some are farmers some are not.


I live on an very community oriented island and do not hide it at all. My late partner was very open about her atheism and having had an abortion and being against food banks and excessive immigration (she was an immigrant and an extreme rationalist) and other counter-liberal ideals and no one said squat. Many feel as we do and no one has ever made a negative comment (except one neighbor/close friend who asked "why do you hate God?" )


i live in a small town, mostly dairy farms. i havnt tried to hide it but i don't go around telling everyone i meet. most people now don't care one way or another. but when i was in my early teens i was caught reading a book about waccans and was attacked by 3 other kids. that kind of thing isnt common here anymore tho. mostly you might get some behind your back whispers but not much as far as direct confrontation goes

Byrd Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

I live in Amish country Lancaster Pa. Not too many people say any thing to me, if they do though it's usually something hateful.

I come from a Mennonite background and the local Amish are aware of that but I suspect more accepting then the others here.

@misstuffy yeah my great grandparents were horse and buggy Mennonites. Family reunions were interesting lol

@misstuffy yeah my great grandparents were horse and buggy Mennonites. Family reunions were interesting lol

@JoeMastle just the stories from that side of the family were something else


I personally don't think it's anyone's business. However, if the subject comes up I will tell them I'm an atheist. They usually don't care and leave me alone.


I assume it won't go very welcoming. But hey, the world is big and we are all here for ya..

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