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This would be funny if the ramifications were not so serious.
Putin the puppet master, so powerful and clever he conned 70+ million Americans yet so stupid he sends Igor and Boris to use a soviet nerve agent to kill an ex spy with a brilliant cover story they were looking at churches whilst walking past every cctv in town........and failed to kill their target.
Meanwhile Saudi Arabia and Israel get all sorts of goodies from Trump.
FFS listen to the shit these 2 psyco's are dribbling. The US would be Nirvana if only Putin didn't interfere, no self reflection needed.

powder 8 Jan 19

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They are insane. They want more surveillance, more censorship, more Russia scapegoating. It's pathetic, and very scary. They are going to create the patriot act 2.0 and we will see our freedoms eroded further.

They demonize the heroes Assange and Snowden as they move us closer to a police state. And so many well meaning people are fooled by their propaganda. It's like living in a bad movie.

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