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It appears drump's most rabid supporters are very, very, very disappointed in him.
Perhaps he should read about what happened when Mussolini's supporters soured on him? Oh,wait, he doesn't read......

AnneWimsey 9 Jan 21

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I don't advocate for anyone to be put to death, but I wouldn't mind seeing him in an orange jump suit for a few years... say 40 or 50


The fat bastard would just break the rope when he was dropped. And death would be too easy on him anyways, I would rather he be put in a cell block with many black and brown people to be ass raped to death. To quote John Lennon "You may say that I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one"

or perhaps they could sentence him to pick fruit in the hot sun so he could see first hand the glorious jobs the immigrants are taking from Americans


@annewimsey I am not sure Mussolinis followers strung him up. I think it was the original antifascist. But hey that works as well.

There are many paths to happiness....

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