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The US fired 112 tomahawk missiles launched at Syria for poisoning its own people.
Each missile costs $1.87M to make. That's $224M total.
The US poisoned its own people in Flint. Estimated cost to replace Flint's pipes? $55M.
I fail to see the justice in this military action or how it makes America great. Seems to me the motive for this military action has nothing to do with punishing a government for poisening its people and more to do with economic gain for the 1% by destablizing a government. What do you think?

HeathenFarmer 8 Apr 14

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The problem is tha tthe U.S. government (primarily republican politicians) thinks profits are mor eimportant than providing services for, or the well being of, its people.

Whnever you see the government take an action tha seems like a waste ofmoney ot is just plain stupid, you cna be sure that soem campaign contributor is making a profit off of it.


Its Wag the Dog. Trump is trying to distract from the Rusia investigation.

That is definitely a lot of the motive.


Doesn’t make sense to me to bomb a country that’s killing their own people, that means we are also killing the same people we are trying to save

News reports this morning say there were no deaths because the Moron-in-Chief told them 3 days ago that smart missiles were coming.


I agree. The douschebag-in-chief is only trying to distract those people paying attention from recognizing how he is NOT taking care of his own. Puerto Rico? Flint? Countless other...


And to distract us from trumpet's plethora of misdoings, misspeakings, and miscalculations.


Yes! We can all agree, I think, that we are living in a very sick world. Asad was sick to use chemical weapons on his own citizens and Trump is just really sick!


No proof whatsoever of Assad using chemical weapons. In fact, our bombing took place just before inspectors were set to arrive. He had no incentive to do so either as his forces were retaking previously held areas. This is a massive setup by western powers with a nefarious agenda and war crimes. This is a wag the dog scenario meant to misdirect from so many other crimes taking place, including the Israeli murder of Palestinians, the Saudis slaughtering Yemenis, Trump's legal woes, etc.

Absolutely William.


Gassing innocents is horrible to be sure, but dead is dead, method is secondary. I don't see how bombing them is going to make any difference except to escalate the entire situation.Which means more death.


Another Wag the Dog theory - Is it very cynical of me to think it is no cooincidence that just after dtRumpf calls for our troops to leave Syria, a horrible attack occurs which results in an about-face to not only stay in Syria but to launch missles? Is it cynical for me to theorize that someone making a profit on war pulled some strings to have this horrendous attack on civilians happen?


I don't mean to sound cynical about our government, but are there any valuable minerals in Flint? I am sorry for the conditions of your city, but many suffer as well because they don't interest certain wallets.

Excellent summary of the entire US involvement in Syria.


And the state of Michigan just stopped providing free bottled water to the residents of Flint

I didn't like your post because I am too horrified to. Lead poisoning is a terrible way to die.


I think you are absolutely right!


Hey look over here, there's something else happening.


Unpresident trump just like uncitizen trump and traitor trump is a Big Spender of what is not his money. So standby for more loss.


What the fuck has it got to do with anyone but Syria?


I think Putin is trying to bolster his' puppet-in-the-white-house's standing. By creating an opportunity for Trump to seem strong and standing up to Assad by killing thousands of innocent people.


Aren't you confusing state and federal governments? The U.S. didn't poison Flint, Flint switched water sources which caused the increased lead levels due to a chemical reaction in the pipes (I think).
The U.S. fired the missles not Flint, so Flint didn't foot the bill for them.
I don't follow your line of reasoning, can you explain in detail?

Every American foot the bill for the missiles and the costs of deploying and launching them including the people of Flint. There are emergency Federal dollars available for disasters, I would say Mass Lead Poisonings in Flint a disaster wouldn't you?

@HeathenFarmer Doe Run, a lead smelting site, here in Missouri was declared a superfund site and was cleaned up by the fed govt (if I remember correctly) for fear of lead poisoning.
A good question is why hasn't Flint's problem been fixed? I wonder if the feds are pushing it onto Michigan who then is passing it to Flint.

@MacTavish Regardless of which government is dumping it on who, it is an F'ing disgrace on the nation as a whole.


A deliberate action of chemical gassing to innocent people...Note: people smarter then this forum has an answer to stop this. As a regular person and not in the position to control this action. I just agree or disagree. Ok... I agree with stopping them from poisoning their on people or others with chemical gassing.

If, indeed, the Syrian government is responsible...


My thoughts are....WHY!?!


Welcome to the world?


I believe your correlation is faulty.

How is it faulty? Both situations are a case of the governments poisoning their citizens. Spending 4 times more to cause more misery and mayhem than it would to fix the other is neither logical or sane. This is especially true when the recipient of the 224 million dollar gift is now holding victory parades since the attack was on empty facilities and the only damage was to the adjacent civilians property.

@HeathenFarmer you have not provided proof that the damage was to empty facilities. That is not what reputable news agencies are reporting. Also your analogy to the industry in Detroit which engaged in environmental poisoning has nothing to do with the federal government. If you were seeking validation to your ridiculous assertions, sorry, I’m not here to provide validation.

@jperlow Nor is there any proof Syria's use of poison gas since an investigation has not been and is not scheduled to begin until this up coming week. Where did I state that industry is responsible for the poisoning in Flint, I did not? News agencies in Europe and here in Canada report that the facilities are severely damage but they seem to have been cleared of vital equipment and store munitions. Disasters are in the realm of the federal government and Flint is a disaster.
I might also add that you clearly have no idea what is happening in Flint or you would not be making references to industry at all. There is nothing wrong with the water entering the pipes in flint other than it change in pH and chemical composition from the previous supply, is leaching lead out of the pipes before it reaches the homes of poor mostly Black people.

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