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Im having trouble logging onto this (agnostic.) site from my laptop. The site has my email account, but ive sent it to them 2x but have not yet gotten a link to reset my password. Any help would be appreciated.

VineetHonkan 7 Feb 7

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I PM the admin with a link to post.


you managed to post here...would that not be a way to say you have logged in and are

Prrhaps on the phone app, one can do that too, you know? Some prefer desktop or laptop,. Not very helpful comment.


So i ask again...what the actual fuck?

I know the Admin was going to be away for a bit, so I would just send a private message to Admin and see if the problem can be fixed. Good luck.

@Redheadedgammy how do I pm the admin?


PM the admin.

How can they do that if they can't get on the site? I was having the same problems earlier today. It's been so long since I had to login, I forgot my password, so I just reset it to something I usually use for everything else.

They got on the site to post a complaint.

@xenoview how does your commet help? He could have used the phone app. Not the same as using a desktop, is it?

He could still PM the admin.

@xenoview that should have been your answer, like others who were more helpful did.

@Mofo1953 So PM the admin wasn't helpful? Who will fix the problem? I think the admin can fix the problem right?

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