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Netflix Crime Scene Documentary on the Cecil Hotel Disappearance of Elisa Lam.

I watched this last night. I had never heard of this case, nor the reputation of the Cecil Hotel. It was an intriguing, yet sad story of a woman with a mental illness. My take-a-ways on this story:

  1. Human Behavior 101 - facing a lack of information, humans invent an explanation. Why are we so surprised in the proliferation of religion, conspiracy theories, aliens, and ghosts?

  2. The liberal philosophy of helping those who need it the most doesn't exist in LA. Hence the skid row area. When I think about all the wealthy celebrities in LA who preach so self-righteously that we should help humankind, yet this exists?!! It's shameful.

  3. I didn't realize so many part-time sleuth hobbiests exist. People have a lot more time than I have. Who has time to investigate a disappearance? I work for a living, and have to sleep!!

linxminx 8 Feb 11

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