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The false God many are still praying to. #Trump

josephr 7 Feb 14

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Oh shit! In God form DJT has at least three dicks.

He wishes! LOL


I'm waiting for the part where Abraham smashes the idol to pieces

I think that was Moses.

@MeggieCleary Moses smashed the tablets in Exodus. In Genesis, Abraham as a child destroyed his father Terah's idols. Unfortunately I know the Bible. Worthless knowledge.

@barjoe That’s right that Abraham did that. But Moses, in addition to destroying the tablets, also burned the golden calf, pulverized the remains, scattered the remains in the Israelites’ drinking water and forced them to drink it.

@MeggieCleary That would be good to do to the Orange Idol.

@barjoe Now, now, let’s not stoop to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s level. 🙂

@barjoe Have you got a biblical reference for that story, because I cannot find it in any of the common translations of genesis, but I have come across it in the Pseudographic Book of Jasher and in the Midrashim Genesis Rabbah chapter 38

@MeggieCleary I disagree. I have no desire to be nice. I hope they all succumb to a painful death.

@LenHazell53 Don't make me read the Buybell.

@barjoe, @MeggieCleary It was Moses, in the apocryphal story Abraham smashed clay idols of Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, neither of which is a golden calf.

@barjoe So when you said "Unfortunately I know the Bible." you were bullshitting then?

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