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Completely and utterly alone: my ignition is locked and will not turn with the key. I get my tire repaired yesterday, and I can't help from this terribly nagging feeling that the repair shop may have done something. What a huge coincidence though. No problems with ignition before tire repair, huge problem now. And I have no one to rely on. I walk down to a neighbor who I sold my old car to, to borrow his battery charger. Had I been a man asking him to borrow his charger, I think his behavior towards me would have been different. He pretty much suggested that "he's no hero" and that he was too busy to help. I explained that I know how to charge a battery and that I only need to borrow it. I explained that he doesn't have to be interrupted beyond my taking his charger and returning it when I'm done. I did not ask him to "do" ANYthing for me. I only asked to use his charger. I live down the street and it would be no problem with my taking it and returning it. He jumped to assuming that I was asking him to fix a problem for a "damsel in distress". He would not have responded to me in that manner had I been a guy asking to borrow his charger. He said he was busy and when do I need it. I said I have all weekend, but have to be to work in Monday. He insisted on delivering the charger to my house and doing it for me finally. What a sexist dick. I'm stuck and alone with no one to call for help. I don't have any family here and the few men friends I have are useless. I am feeling waaaay down in the dumps. My brothers are excellent with cars and I trust them, but they are a thousand miles away. I'm so depressed.

By LilAtheistLady7
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I know your area, I have lived near there... It can be rather cold due to assumptions as some people are quite transient... Perhaps you need to find a way to connect with some strong women, like-minded would be ideal yet settling for a reliable network is sufficient. Think of what interests you. Try to get involved with some local civic activities. Even the Rotary Club is not so bad, they have a pretty good agenda. Connect yourself to the community. Get out of the problem and into the solution, as only you can, sweetheart... Best to you. And don't dwell on the sexist pig on the block, he is not worth the energy!

Thank you. You are so right! I attend a bi-weekly atheist ladies Sunday brunch. But that's it. I need to branch out and create a network for myself. If im "utterly alone", it's my doing . Thanks! smile001.gif (great how a night's sleep changes a perspective!) smile002.gif


I'm a thousand or so miles away also, but if you have any other problems with your car send me a message, and I'll help you anyway I can. I would have said the same thing first, the tension on the steering wheel was keeping the key from turning and to turn the wheel a little counter-clockwise to take the tension off. Messing with a ignition key is not something a repair shop would do, they will mostly tell you parts you can't see are worn out and need replacing. Anything else happens send me a message. More than likely I will at least tell you what the problem is and what to do about it.

MikeFlora Level 7 Apr 14, 2018

Very kind of you. Thank you. smile001.gif


What a dick.

kenriley Level 8 Apr 14, 2018

He sounds like an asshole to me.

Woodron Level 7 Apr 14, 2018

I'm so sorry. That really bites

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