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I didn’t awaken on January 7th as Tom Engelhardt in another Politics post says he did.

Watching the events of the 6th reminded me that voters in every state and the nation need the power of the direct initiative, referendum and recall ( DIRR ) to protect ourselves from both political parties.

For info on a proven alternative, visit "There is a proven alternative to the two party system: direct democracy."

yvilletom 8 Feb 19

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Watch out for the tyranny of the majority, otherwise known as the mayhem of the MAGAlomaniacs.

Representative democracy is fine so long as the representatives are actually held accountable by we the people and do not work for a higher power shirking their oaths. But the system is rigged in both regards. We the people do not select those that should be doing our bidding. The broken system of electoral college, tiny States with disproportionate representation, gerrymandering, and representatives beholden to their plutocrat donors see to that.

If we the people had been allowed our constitutional right of government of, for, and by the people Trump would have been convicted over a year ago and MAGAlomania would not have threatened it's coup on the country and hundreds of thousands would still be alive.


I agree with you. I fear it won't ever happen.

South Dakota in the 1890s was the first state to add the DIRR to its constitution. More than sixteen states added it since then. It may happen before the next extinction. ( grin )

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