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Among my Christian friends here in the Deep South USA I find there is a high correlation between those who believe the Bible to be the literal word of God and those who believe Trump’s conspiracy theories to be true, and likewise between those who believe that the Bible (although highly revered) was written by human beings and those who see Trump as a lying con man. I wonder if this correlation holds throughout the Christian community.

Wallace 7 Feb 21

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One thing that religious fundamentalists and believers of conspiracy theories have in common: both are convinced that things are not what they appear to be, but that some unseen force(s) is (are) pulling the strings behind the scene. And of course: those forces are divided between Good and Evil


I pity you for living in Alabama.


Believe in one myth makes it easier to believe in more. Also I suspect that despite their religious pretentions they are just right wingers at heart who reject anything in the modern world they don't like.


I try not to talk to christians in the south about religion or politics. It doesn't usually go well.

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