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I've got a neighbour who still has his Christmas lights up...

Dyl1983 7 Feb 23

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yes we get them just right and hate to mess it up lol I haven't decorated outside or in for a few yrs


Remind him that it is bad luck not to take them down on 12th night.


I have Two of them...the one on the left, ornaments in the hedges. The one on the the right a full panapoly, including "grazing deer"

it's just annoying... So damn annoying.


Does it smell horrible when you walk by?


Leave them up ready for Easter!


Blues and whites ought to be good through the end of March 😉


My condo complex had our holiday lights up until the week of Valentine's Day. We were without a resident manager for 6 weeks, new one arrived first week in Feb, so that was the cause for the delay. I missed the opportunity to joke that he took them down just in time to put the red valentine lights up, then come the green shamrocks.... I actually didn't mind the clear icicle lights up around the pool - they made a cool reflection in the water at night. After 3 months of having the holiday lights up, I missed them when they were gone!

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