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To the admin:

My email address won't get recognized on login. Every time i get in i have to go through a back door. The site doesn't recognize me as a user with my email address but says it exists of i try to set up a new account with it. Basically i have to use a reset password link over again to get in. I can't even send the admins a message as it asks me to LOGIN AGAIN and the whole mess starts over. FIX THIS PLEASE!

RobinGray 6 Mar 9

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I had the exact same problem. I asked Admin, and never got a response. I gave up and used a different Email address.

If you ever get a response from Admin please, please let me know.



Could it be cookies ?

(if you get no admin response)
You could 'experiment' :
After successful login, install this extension : []
Save the cookie
When next unsuccessful, clear and replace cookie with 'successful' one.

On my android cell phone?

@RobinGray Assuming you access using a browser . . . it's one (of perhaps several others) thing that could be the problem. However, (for privacy reasons) I (intentionally) do not have a smartphone, so ymmv.

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