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Al Franken's lasted pod cast was really good.

silverotter11 9 Mar 14

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I always listen to Al. I get him here.


So much great stuff in this interview!! Status worship vs simple concern for wellbeing. The clear and direct linkvbetween racism and conservative opposition to governmental social spending. White opposition to education, because of the principle of "cutting off your nose to spite your face." This is how racism has always served, and continues to serve, the aim of class oppression.

Gotta "love" false consciousness! Opposing their own self-interest out of fear policies that improve their lives might also help the people they have been conditioned to mistrust and resent. Amazing the 300+ years of staying power of the racist propaganda intentionally engineered to dupe poor/working Whites to distract them from blaming their actual oppressors. 🤯

I have heard what she said from others, historians, commentators, etc. but McGhee using the swimming pool closure example really brings it home in a way that is accessible to more people.

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