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"The truth this nation will eventually have to face, when all the dissembling is worn thin and mistakes of the magnitude of last week’s multiply, is that our corrupted political process has landed us with a leader whose car keys ought to be taken away." PATRICK LAWRENCE:. The Blundering Biden Team

FrayedBear 9 Mar 23

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lol reading the quote, thought the post was about Morrison. "I don't have the key's mate".

Lol, I've enhanced the formatting to hopefully prevent further misconception.
Read "When a Prime Minister's office staff start hiring lawyers to protect themselves from him should the ..." instead!


I totally disagree. Putin was a member of the communist party elite in Russia, and a trained member of its secret police. He is ruthless. He was a member of a totalitarian ideological elite. He still believes in ruling by a ruthless dictatorial elite, this time of corrupt oligarchs of which he is the leader.

Russia has always had an inferiority complex and feels that it is underestimate and slighted by the rest of the civilized world. It feels that it has to prove itself through an expansionist acquisition of territory and influence. He will always seek to cause problems for the west just to prove how big he is. He can NEVER b trusted.

Big bad Russia, economy the size of Italy. Let’s just pit the Chinese against them....

Sounds like you are projecting Walt. For the last 100 years+ the USA has been the expansionist territory disturbing world influence, look at the CIA and it's covert wars from S.America, through the Middle East to the Far East - does Korea ,, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam not ring any bells?


I of course disagree. He said it to piss off Putin. It did. The truth is Russia won't do anything they wouldn't have done because Biden called Putin what he is. It was Biden's signal that he's not a puppet of Putin like the last president.

Lol. Enjoy the other post that I have just made.

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