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How the decline of religion is radicalizing the evangelical right

Levitz argues that as Americans become increasingly secular in their views, far-right evangelicals will respond in an authoritarian way — including voter suppression.

As a result, the movement is becoming forthrightly anti-democratic. On the one hand, the moral minority hopes to impose its will on the nation by judicial fiat. On the other, it aims to disenfranchise the heathen majority."


Daco2007 7 Apr 2

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Hmm, perhaps and imo, Levitz may well be suffering from a form of Schitzlipz disease.
I.e. Schitzlipz disease = a severe impaction of faecal matter in the Rectum causing the highly pressurized faecal matter to reverse flow and exude from the mouth and over the lips continuously.
HOW, in the name of All things Reasonable and Logical can the Religious EVER hope to AGREE Rule the World when they still cannot AGREE whose God is the ONE True God?


Mum and Dad’s have beer festivals, balls and amateur performers, like the local Choral Society, hire it out too. Non religious multi use community centres 😉


Mmm I suppose it is animal nature to get a bit desperate if you’re losing, (unless you can see the bigger picture and accept or make peace with it). Unfortunately religion tends to be dogmatic in nature and so change is not an option for them in some ways/ some changes are non negotiable.
This attitude will probably speed up the process of the paradigm shift to non religious, which won’t be the worse thing in the world as long as there are still communities, supports and networks, which most people don’t thrive without.


Bull. The Christian Right hasn't changed a bit in 100 years. The light of the Internet has just made us all a bit more aware.

this is a facinating issue with kaleidoscopic shifting perspectives over time. both your perspectives are worth examination. but must you set your tone by preceeding your view by calling his view "Bull" ? after all, no one reading your words then calls you "asshole" .

@holdenc98 The "bull" was for the premise, not a person. Unfortunately I cannot control some people's perspective nor their sensitivities.


Just a bunch of hateful Brown Shirts. They've been around since the dawn of time.

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