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A late easter joke; I just heard it today.
A man is driving down a windy, rural road. Suddenly, the Easter Bunny comes hopping out of the woods and onto the road. The man sees the bunny, hits his brakes and swerves to miss the creature. Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny hops directly into the path of the man's car. The man hits the bunny with his car causing a loud thump and scattering eggs and candies all over the road as they spill out of the bunny's large basket. The man immediately pulls over, gets out of his car, and runs to aid the bunny. Sadly, the mangled bunny is dead. The man is grief stricken. He loves animals and would never hurt one on purpose. As he reflects on the accident, he begins to cry. A woman driving along the road sees the crying man and stops to help. She asks him what is wrong. He points to the dead bunny and says, "I killed the Easter Bunny, so many children are going to be disappointed. What am I to do?" The woman, a kindly sort, puts her arm on the man and replies, "It's going to be ok. I can fix this." The woman walks back to her car, opens her trunk and removes an aerosol can. She goes over to the inert bunny and sprays the contents of the can all over the creature. A few seconds later the bunny jumps up, gathers up the spilled contents of his basket, then waves to the two humans before continuing to hop down the road. The man is awed and keeps watching. Then after 50 yards the Easter Bunny turns and waves again. The bunny continues to turn and wave ever 50 yards until he is out of sight. The man is elated. He asks the woman what was in the spray can. She shows him the label which read: Hair spray. Restores dead hairs and leaves a permanent wave.

Beowulfsfriend 9 Apr 8

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I f hate u 😂😂
I am dead inside .
Red the whole thing , wtf , it was great 😂😂😂


That's just wrong. Funny, but wrong.

@EarnestEccentric NO! I love the Bunny! It is too sacred to feature in jokes.


I just knew it was some kind of ever-ready spray battery rejuvenator. Oh well you can't win them all.


The original punchline was "Brylcreem, it puts life in your hair!" Old jokes never die, they just get recycled every generation. 🙂


My Dad used Brylcreem. Could always tell what pillow was his!


Ow! Ow!! Ow!!! Ow!!!!

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